Powerful extensions and addons for your Pinnacle Cart Store


StoneEdge OMS Connector for PinnacleCart

  • Supports secure SSL Importing of orders from PinnacleCart to StoneEdge OMS


StoneEdge OMS SyncTrack for PinnacleCart

  • Automatically securely updates Order Status and Tracking to PinnacleCart


StoneEdge OMS Synchronize for PinnacleCart

  • Automatically securely updates all StoneEdge QOH and Pricing to PinnacleCart
  • Works for products and attributes. Logs activity and synchronization anomalies


Google Trusted solution for PinnacleCart

  • Provides necessary code and implementation for 3.7.x and 3.8.x


HarvesterXML Admin Productivity for PinnacleCart

  • OrderView page allows order search on order number, name, email, phone,
    ProductID, country or zip code and provides total of listed orders and name-formatted email addresses
  • StatusView supports Detailed Order Stutus for every order and manual entry
    viewable by hovering over Info Icon (1000 chars)
  • LoginPlus feature provides Admin single-click login to customer account
  • LoginPlus allows all customers to login with order number and zip code without
    requiring customer to create an account
  • EasyReorder streamlines customer entered reorders and phone orders
  • AddressScrub feature automatically cleans up all customer-entered information with corrected capitalization and address formatting for two-character state
  • EasyEmail provides single-click to compose an email with a name-formatted
    email address and formatted subject. Also, hovering over Email Icon provides
    view of all ProductID’s, IP address, and full shipping address with email and phone number
  • OrderTrack supports scanning or entering 25 tracking numbers per page with a
    single submit


HarvesterXML Order Management System

  • HarvesterXML OMS is tightly integrated with PinnacleCart via XML Plugin
  • Automatically Synchronization of order data and tracking with PinnacleCart
  • OrderView allows search on order number, name, email, phone, ProductID, product name, country or zip code; provides total value of listed orders plusname-formatted email addresses
  • Detailed Order Status supported for every order (1000 chars)
  • AddressScrub feature automatically cleans up all customer-entered information with corrected capitalization and address formatting for two-character state
  • Client-Server speed with caching for fast access to customer order information
  • Networked for instant updating across all networked workstations
  • Global Access for remote operation and management
  • Drop-Ship documents automatically generated with single-click to clipboard
  • Inventory Management creates reorder reports by brand with shelf-pack & dropship accountability and sales revenue totals
  • Facilitates entry of phone orders and Amazon and eBay orders
  • BatchPrint orders manually or automatically as received
  • LoginPlus with single-click login to Customer Account to enter phone orders
  • View PinnacleCart Admin Order Page for selected order via single-click
  • Unsubscribe email and customer accounts subscribed via single-click
  • Analytics charts for month with daily, 7-day, 25-day & 50-day running averages
  • Analytics charts by month with years of sales by brand: 25 & 50-day averages


All products offered include white-glove installation and setup on your PinnacleCart
server and StoneEdge OMS shopping cart.

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    Starting at $100. Please refer to HarvesterXML website.

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