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Nextopia Software Corporation offers a fully scalable, best-in-class site search conversion solution for SMB and Enterprise e-retailers. With our powerful machine learning algorithm, designed to provide highly relevant search results, Nextopia software is designed to increase conversions and provide retailers the tools they need to fully optimize their eCommerce sites.

Nextopia’s Site Search and Autocomplete functionality is backed by a powerful learning algorithm that includes functionality such as fuzzy matching, spelling error suggestions and synonym matching. For instance, when the color “Fusia” is entered, the algorithm understands that the intended search is for the color “Fuchsia”, resulting in correct search results. The algorithm also enables retailers to significantly limit or eliminate “no results found” experiences through incorporating synonym matching rules. For instance, when the term “notebook” is entered, and this term does not exist in the product feed, the synonym tool enables you to map the correct products for a “notebook” search.

Our platform also has exceptional data extraction and normalization tools, which enable powerful refinement capabilities. This toolset enables retailers to effectively normalize data, enhancing their shoppers’ search, driving even higher conversion rates. For example, the system has the ability to combine color values such as Sky Blue, Royal Blue and Aquamarine into a single “Blue” color value, making Navigation fields concise and save on manual development effort.

Nextopia’s products integrate effortlessly with PinnacleCart stores and are proven to increase conversions and sales. Our search-driven conversion platform includes site search, navigation, enhanced autocomplete, product finder, and mobile search solutions.

Site Search & Autocomplete

Adaptive search algorithm

  • Automatically ranks your best-performing results based on customer behavior.
  • Fast, accurate, and optimized results to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Includes blogs, videos, and user-guide information in your search results.

Dynamic Filters

  • Effectively narrow down search results
  • Fully customizable attributes and refinements (size, color, brand, etc.)
  • Include ratings and reviews as a refinement

Automated Keyword Stemming

  • Instant product matches with every keystroke
  • Matches partial terms
  • Handles singular and plural variations

“Sounds Like” & “Did You Mean…” Suggestions

  • Save time and avoid spelling errors
  • Error-tolerant fuzzy matching
  • “sandels” will find “sandals”

Custom Synonym Matching

  • Avoid the dreaded “no results found” page
  • Speak your customers’ language

Mobile-Friendly (Responsive) Design

  • Intuitive and interactive experience
  • Optimized for small screens

Merchandising Tools

Keyword-Triggered Product Promotions

  • Create customized landing pages for keyword driven product promotions

Promotional Banners

  • Optimize conversions for specific items with keyword triggered promotional banners

Promotional Badges

  • Merchandise hot items, increase conversions and average order value


  • Create merchandising rules specific to your visitor’s geographic location and needs.

Redirect Non-Product Searches

  • Bring customers immediately to your contact page, shipping info, etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Top Searches

  • Understand what products are in top demand on your website
  • Use analytics to guide strategic decisions for your business

Zero Results Found

  • Understand visitor’s desires, frustrations, and needs
  • Discover products you don’t yet carry that are in demand on your site

Poorly Performing Results

  • Avoid the ‘no results found’ page
  • Find poorly performing searches to help guide visitors to their desired results

Keyword Discovery

  • Uncover keywords and phrases to give you a competitive SEO & PPC advantage
  • Find out which keywords are generating the most value on your website


  • Fast, Accurate, and Intelligent Search Results
  • Enhanced Autocomplete
  • Dynamic Filters
  • Adaptive Search Algorithm
  • Targeted Merchandising Capabilities
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Responsive Design
  • Data Normalization

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