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TrustedSite Certification

Developed by TrustedSite

TrustedSite offers a suite of certifications that help to alleviate the most common concerns that people have when they shop online. Earn these certifications to display TrustedSite trustmarks throughout your site and show visitors that they can trust your business.

Once you’ve installed TrustedSite, we’ll check your site for security issues and verify key contact information so we know your site is secure and your business is legitimate. Once you’ve passed our security scan and verified your contact information, you’ll earn your first two certifications: Certified Secure and Verified Business.

With the TrustedSite free plan, you can then begin displaying the TrustedSite floating trustmark for up to 500 visits per month at no charge.

When your visitors click on the trustmark, we’ll show them an on-site modal (available in 19 different languages). The modal displays a list of the certifications that you’ve earned and explains how you earned them—helping your visitors to continue shopping with confidence.


  • Show you’re trustworthy: Earn certifications to display TrustedSite trustmarks and let visitors know your site is one they can trust.
  • Ease concerns: TrustedSite’s system of trustmarks and certifications is designed to alleviate the biggest concerns shoppers have on their path to purchase.
  • Get more sales: Sites that have tested TrustedSite Certification have seen 2-30% more sales.

Upgrade to a paid plan to increase your visit limit and get access to all of our certifications and trustmarks.


  • Earn up to 8 certifications and display up to 11 trustmarks
  • Certified Secure: Show your site is regularly monitored for security issues by a third-party (free)
  • Verified Business: Give visitors easy access to contact information they can trust (free)
  • Issue-Free Orders: Show your business consistently delivers outstanding service with customer testimonials
  • Shopper Identity Protection: Protect customers for 90 days after their purchases with $100,000 identity theft protection
  • Trusted Reviews: Display the great reviews you’ve collected with ResellerRatings
  • Data Protection: Show visitors that your login and checkout pages are secure
  • Spam-Free: Collect more emails by showing you don’t spam
  • McAfee SECURE: Earn & display the globally-recognized McAfee SECURE trustmark
  • On-site certification modal display the certifications you’ve earned in 19 different languages (free)

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    Free up to 500 monthly visits. Upgrade options are available at an additional cost.

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